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Microarrays in the NGS Era. Advantages in chromosomal syndrome detection.

Although NGS technology has continued to develop and has great potential in the fields of analysis and genomics, Microarrays continue to be a main tool in the detection of chromosomal syndromes thanks to their significant advantages and benefits.

NGS sequencing has allowed microarrays to be less essential for probing transcriptomes and genomes. However, Microarrays are very useful tools in the diagnosis of pathologies, especially in prenatal studies and in diagnoses of mental retardation, and provide excellent results in a very cost-effective way.

Thanks to Microarrays, an optimum analysis resolution can be obtained as they allow us to study very small sized DNA segments using precise coordinates and known sequences.

In prenatal diagnoses, CGH Arrays detect numerous types of pathologies through the analysis of alterations in the number of DNA copies associated to autism, aneuploidies, some congenital cardiopathies, mental retardation and over 400 defined syndromes. This way, it is possible to find whether the patient has a disease which is compatible with the presence of microdeletions and microduplications in certain DNA regions.

This way, the Microarray technique allows us to obtain precise results with a very small quantity of initial genetic material, which significantly saves time and costs.

Advantages of Microarrays

The use of Microarrays has several advantages in the fields of clinical studies and pathology detection. The main ones are the following:

- Small quantity of initial DNA: allows easy handling of samples and reduced extraction invasiveness.
- Optimum resolution: the specific designs of pathologies for Microarrays allow for a greater resolution, even for syndromes with small numbers of genes involved.
- Speed of diagnosis: the time required for analysis is shorter, which is a positive factor to take into account in pathology detection, especially for those in which the time taken for diagnosis is a decisive element.
- Affordable price: the cost is more affordable in comparison to mass sequencing, which makes it the best option for the analysis of chromosomal syndromes and similar genetic pathologies.

Specific and High Resolution Arrays

High resolution arrays focus on the diagnosis of specific pathologies which require the analysis of small alterations in multiple genes.

For example, Cytoarray Plus has 180,000 probes in its design, meaning that precision is certainly not a problem.

Using Cytoarray for prenatal diagnosis is a great option for effective analyses in short periods of time, at an affordable price.
It detects around 500 syndromes linked to alterations in 233 genes, and can be directly applied to karyotypes with anomalies, history of fetal death, genetic diseases or multiple-abnormality fetuses.

Other techniques such as Cytoarray UPD and chromosomal anomaly detection in abortion remains are also very important in couples’ genetic counselling and different pathologies.

Microarrays in Investigation and Other Applications

Microarrays don’t only apply to clinical contexts, they also play an important role in the scientific investigation sector, due to their precision, agility and affordability.

In the field of genetic sequencing analysis, even though bioinformatic tools have been developed to detect CNVs and NGS, arrays continue to be the main standard technique, with is used for the validation ofNGS findings .

In Bioarray we use Microarrays which are focussed on the development of experiments and the analysis of genetic expression profiles , as well as CGH Array services or genomic hybridization compared to I+D+I
. Our objective is to work towards covering the needs in the field of genetic analysis: in investigation, clinics, etc.

Affymetrix (Cytoscan) and Agilent are the microarray platforms which we work with in order to offer an excellent service. We can solve any doubts you may have and we will inform you with no commitment to give you the best solution and advice specific to your needs.