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Bioarray's new matching platform for IVF

The new matching platform is a web solution for carrying out genetic matching in IVF treatments. It is specially designed for patients and donors who have previously performed the Bioarray Advance™ Carrier Panel. It is very simple to use.

With this platform, our clients will be able to automatically know if two people are compatible or if they have a high risk of conceiving a child affected by a genetic disease, based on previous genetic studies carried out on each member of the couple. Knowing about a high-risk situation enables the necessary actions to be programmed to eliminate said risk.

Thanks to this platform, IVF clinics will be able to make matchings of their choice, with the aim of maximizing compatibility in the selection of donors, reducing the risk of transmission of genetic diseases.

Our platform currently offers three types of genetic matching:

- Complete Matching:
The complete panel of 1500 genes from the Bioarray Advance ™ Carrier Panel is analized. Ideal for patients or those clinics that prefer to have all the information.

High Frequency Matching:
Only the genes of a reduced panel chosen by the center are studied. Ideal for patients or those clinics that prefer to study only the most prevalent genes.

High Frequency Matching X-linked:
The genes of a reduced panel at the choice of the center are studied, as well as all the genes associated with X-linked diseases of the complete panel. Ideal for ovum donors.