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Bioarray – Welcome at our booth in MEDLAB 2022

Bioarray will be present in the 21st edition MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre

January 24-27

For the first time, Bioarray will participate in the 21st edition of Medlab Middle East Congress – the region’s only multi-disciplinary congress.

The 2022 edition Medlab Middle East exhibition, the MENA region’s leading exhibition for the laboratory industry, will be held from 24th to 27th January 2022, at the Dubai World Trade Centre and Bioarray will be present with a booth at the Spanish area.

The theme for the year is “Connect with innovation that’s changing the face of diagnostics”. A host of government entities, industry leaders and influencers in their respective sectors are expected to support the exhibition, which returns as a co-located event with Arab Health for the healthcare and laboratory industries.

Technology will take centre stage at the 2022 edition. A series of panel discussions and keynote presentations from leaders within the industry will highlight the latest advancements within the sector. Medlab Middle East will showcase the latest innovations from the laboratory industry via a range of product displays and talks.

Bioarray invites you to join us at our booth: We will be placed at the Spanish area, in the hall Z1, in the booth number C44.

We will be delighted to welcome you and present  all our range of genetic testing.
Learn more about Medlab:

Bioarray at ESHRE 2019

23 to 26 june 2019. Vienna, Austria

The awaited event of the year has finally arrived, ESHRE 2019 and this time held in Vienna, at the 35th meeting of the international community of Human Reproduction to share the latest advances in gynecology, fertility, embryology and reproductive genetics.

In addition, Bioarray will present PGD-Seq Kit & Software Package, a unique solution for PGT-A laboratories to easily add PGT-M (monogenic disease) to its range of tests.


On the other hand, we launched the new Test BioER – ENDOMETRIAL RECEPTIVITY TEST:

We look forward to seeing you at Stand E23!

Bioarray at ESHRE 2018

Bioarray at ESHRE 2018

1-4 July 2018. Barcelona, Spain

Bioarray at ESHRE 2018

The expected event of the year, ESHRE 2018 has arrived and this time it was held in Barcelona, at the 34th meeting of the international community
of Human Reproduction to share the latest advances in gynecology, fertility, embryology and reproductive genetics.

Bioarray launches internationally in ESHRE PGD-Seq Kit & Software Package, a unique solution for PGT-A laboratories to easily add PGT-M
(monogenic disease) to their range of tests.


Our Technical and Scientific Director Luis Alcaraz will present a Symposium on July 2nd at 9:15 a.m. on the combination of PGT-A and PGT-M
via NGS.

We’ll be waiting for you at Stand 245!


Bioarray at PGDIS 2017

PGDIS 2017

Bioarray has a preeminent role in this year’s PGDIS 2017 congress. The Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society coordinates research, education and training in PGD through a close cooperation of obgyns, embryologists and human geneticists.

Moreover Bioarray contributes to the program of PGDIS 2017, Valencia 26-29 March, with the following works:

  • From prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormality to preimplantation genetic diagnosis for skeletal dysplasia using NGS technologiesVanessa Penacho 
  • A novel algorithm for determining the level of mosaicism in Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) with next-generation sequencing (NGS)Natalia Castejón 
  • New all-in-one protocol for 24-chromosome aneuploidies and monogenic diseases detection by next generation sequencing: first-year experienceSantiago González 
  • Detection limit of partial insertions and deletions for PGS in terms of NGS by analyzing 242 embryos of couples with balanced translocationsHelena Blanca 

Plus the following presentation within the pre-conference courses:

  • All-in-one workflow for whole chromosome aneuploidy and point mutation detectionLuis Alcaraz
Full program at conference website


Bioarray at ESHRE 2017

2-5 July 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

We are excited about this year´s ESHRE 2017 Meeting, which once again gathers the international Human Reproductive genetics.


In addition, Bioarray internationally launches at ESHRE the PGD+PGS Single Biopsy Kit & Software Packages, a unique solution for PGS labs to
esasy add PGD (single-gene disorder) to their range of tests. Book a demo with our expert using the right-side Webform!

Also we are presenting our new NGS Carrier Panel for screening of +450 resessive diseases in couples or gamete donors.

And of course our research is also presented through these scientific work:

Book a meeting with our team at booth G40 by filing the right side Webform!





Bioarray at ESHRE 2016

ESHRE 2016

3-6 July 2016, Helsinki, Finland

Bioarray once again participates at this international key event on Human Reproduction and Fertility – ESHRE 2016. We will share our latest advances on
Reproductive Genetics, mainly preimplantation genetic testing (PGS & PGD), prenatal diagnosis, recurrent miscarriage testing and
preconception carrier testing.

We will be present at exhibition with booth A55, looking forward to having you for discussion on technical and cooperation aspects. And once
more we present a scientific work detailing our integrated robust NGS workflow where informativity testing, monogenic-disease diagnosis
(PGD) and aneuploidy screening (PGS) are merged in a single process. Check out abstract here: 

Join our pre-congress webinars on NGS-PGD, on right side Webform!


Bioarray at ESHRE 2015

14-17 June 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

ESHRE 2015

Bioarray will participate at ESHRE 2015 this key event for Human Reproduction professionals: physicians, ob-gyns, clinical embryologists, nurses, laboratory
technicians, psychologists, and scientists. We will share the latest advances on Reproductive Genetics, an essential area for Bioarray where its
expertise on molecular technologies is applied.

Following our presence at the main international events on the topic, we will be pleased to meet you at ESHRE, booth C56. Plus we will present
a scientific work describing the exhaustive validation of Bioarray’s PGS using NGS with the ion torrent platform: A 24-chromosome aneuploidy
detection of 100 embryos in PGS by means of NGS

Please check out abstract here and sign up for our free pre-congress webinars on PGD using NGS!


Bioarray at 16th World Congress on Human Reproduction

18-21 March 2015, Berlin, Germany

Bioarray takes an active part in the 16th World Congress on Human Reproduction congress, where we will have a booth (#14) for discussion with colleagues and the human reproduction
community plus we contributed to a dedicated symposium on Reproduction Genetics.

We keep on presenting our pioneering DGP using NGS, as the result of our own technological development including comprehensive validation
with nearly 100 embryos in IVF. We invite you to attend our webinars, where we show the basics of the technique and the advantages that NGS
offers for PGS.

Bioarray contributes to the organization of the parallel symposium Genetic Technologies for Human Reproduction, including six lectures on latest
results and approaches of preconceptional, preimplantational and prenatal diagnosis.

Bioarray’s scientific team will present the following oral presentations and posters:

  • NF2 detection in a PGD cycle using NGS as a confirmatory technique (Dr. Luis Alcaraz, oral presentation).
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening by means of next-generation sequencing: a 24-chromosome aneuploidy detection of 100 embryos (Dra.
    Vanessa Penacho, oral presentation).
  • Invasive and non invasive prenatal diagnosis: future and perspectives (Dr. Luis Alcaraz, oral presentation).
  • Detection of balanced translocations in Preimplantation Genetic Screening by means of next-generation sequencing: a 24-chromosome
    aneuploidy detection of 100 embryos (Dr. Luis Alcaraz, poster).
  • Case report: NF1 detection in a combined PGS/PGD cycle (Dra. Vanessa Penacho, poster).

Bioarray at 16th World Congress on Human Reproduction