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    The use of Cytoarray (array CGH) is prescribed for patients with a normal karyotype but clinical profile compatible with a chromosomal disorder.

  • Bioexome


    Range of flexible NGS tests for exome sequencing and exome-based panels.

  • Biobsia líquida


    Non invasive, hight sensitivity test for detection of cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in the patient's bloodstream

  • Cribado Prenatal No invasivo.

    Non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPT)

    The trisomies of chromosomes 13 (Patau syndrome), 18 (Edwards syndrome) and 21 (Down syndrome) are produced by an extra copy of chromosomes 13, 18 and 21 respectively. All of them are relatively frequent trisomies and highly compatible with a practically normal development of the foetus.

  • COVID-19

    PCR and Serologic (antibody) tests.
    Bioarray provides sample collection kits for both test types

  • Prenatal Diagnosis

    Prenatal Diagnosis Applying Array CGH (molecular karyotype) in prenatal diagnosis is especially recommended in cases of polymalformed foetuses....

  • Epilepsy Panels

    Most comprehensive NGS Panel for Epilepsy covering 543 genes.

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