About Bioarray

About Bioarray

Bioarray is a diagnostic and research lab, specialized in genetic analysis through cutting-edge technologies in Molecular Biology, primarily CGH and NGS, applied both to clinical and research purposes.

We specialize in DNA microarrays (array-CGH or molecular karyotype), which is nowadays the reference technique for prenatal diagnosis and also postnatal diagnosis in cases of developmental delay, intellectual disability or congenital anomalies, due to greater precision, sensitivity and coverage than classic karyotype, FISH, etc.

Our expertise also covers massive sequencing technologies (Next Generation Sequencing, NGS), for preimplantation diagnosis (IVF) and for the genetic determination of a great number of pathologies, including our range of gene panels, oriented for the patient’s symptomatology: epilepsy, metabolic diseases, cancer, etc. Also including Whole Exome Sequencing for both clinical and research purposes.

We continuously develop our service portfolio also being flexible with client’s requirements, including customized gene panels following client’s needs or tailored genomic research projects requiring unparalleled bioinformatics, gene expression microarrays, RNA-seq, miRNA, methylation analysis, etc.

Our great proficiency in bioinformatics, an essessential aspect of genetic analysis, allows us to deliver meaningful result reports for physicians, geneticists and researchers, with short turnaround times.