Interpreting data obtained in experiments of RNA-seq and microarraysis the bottleneck that makes it difficult to extract the complete biological sense of the data. At Bioarray, we make an effort to overcome these barriers so that researchers can concentrate on what is truly important.

Our team of bioinformatics work with the latest pipelines, algorithms and tools to carry out a complete analysis of the data, which can vary from a quality analysis to a functional or route analysis. We work with data that comes from different platforms of next-generation sequencing such as 454, Illumina, Ion Torrent, Ion Proton,and microarray platforms such as Agilent o Affymetrix.

To the extent possible, we always work with open source tools, with unique work flows and we adapt ourselves to each project.

We analyse a number of types of experiments.

  • RNA-seq
  • GWAs
  • CHIP-Seq
  • Small RNA
  • Assembly de novo or with reference
  • Expression microarray
  • ChIP-on-chip
  • Microarray CGH
  • Microarray miRNA

Our service includes:

  • Quality analysis of the obtained data.
  • Pre-processing.
  • Alignment.
  • Analysis of genetic expression.
  • Functional and route analysis.
  • Functional annotation of genome.
  • Detection of variants.
  • GSEA analysis.
  • Storage in data bases.

This service is 100% personalizable and adapted to the needs of each researcher. The results will be available in different formats: PDF, tables and websites with dynamic tables and graphs to facilitate the interpretation