Gene expression microarray

Gene expression microarray

The gene expression microarrays are a very useful tool to determine the gene expression profiling at an affordable cost. We work the Agilent and Affymetrix platforms which allow us to have a large flexibility in experiments.

Thanks to the Agilent platform and our experience in personalised array design, we can work with any non-model organism. We can design an array for you and we will take charge of the whole experiment, from the plan to its functional analysis.

If needed, we can advise you at all times on the best way to carry out the experiment in order to obtain good results at a controlled cost. For example, you can work using two fluorophores to minimise the number of arrays (Agilent) or with the flexibility that allows you to work with only once colour (Agilent, Affymetrix).

Our service includes:

  • Microarray design.
  • Experiment design.
  • Genome annotation.
  • Total RNA extraction.
  • Quality and quantification control.
  • Coverage, hybridisation and scanning.
  • Quality analysis of the processed arrays.
  • Normalisation.
  • Relative quantifying of the genes with differential expression with different statistical tools.
  • Functional analysis of the data: Gene Ontology, KEGG, Biocarta, Reactome, etc.
  • Storage of data in data bases.

The data will be available in different formats: PDF, tables and websites with dynamic tables and graphs to facilitate the interpretation.

You can count on our team of bioinformatics, which will adapt the analysis to each particular experiment, at all times. We work with the latest pipelines, algorithms and, on most occasions, with open source tools.