Micro RNA analysis with next-generation sequencing

The study and analysis of micro RNA (miRNA) has allowed advances in the development of research in the scientific and health fields, causing a higher approximation in gene regulation.

With the technology from Life Technologies, Bioarray offers a complete miRNA analysis service by means of the Ion Proton RNA-seq sequencer and its complete and efficient system.

Quick service at affordable price

Our service combines semiconductor sequencing with natural biochemistry, which considerably increases the scalability and quickness of the system. No more than 2 hours are required to sequence the miRNA.

This allows you to obtain a better quality-cost ratio, achieving high volumes of data at a lower price.

Request our service with the following objectives:

  • Much more precise identification of the transcriptions of associated genes that could cause confusion by means of traditional methods.
  • Detect subtle and minimum changes in the gene expression that could be relevant for your experiment.
  • You have the possibility to obtain all the information digitally and you can compare the obtained results in scalable manner between the different experiments or research centres.
  • A bioinformatic analysis can be carried out which is able to value the complexity of your study and offer a personalised result.

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