Non-Invasive PGT-A

Non invasive Preimplantational Genetic Test

PGT-A (PGT for Aneuploidy screening) consists of the genetic study of the embryo’s genome in order to determine chromosomal status and in this way, selecting chromosomally normal (euploid) embryos for transfer, increasing pregnancy success rates in IVF.

PGT-A requires an embryo biopsy from the IVF laboratory. Using Bioarray’s new non-invasive PGT-A (niPGT-A) this analysis can be carried out using the culture media, in which the embryo delevops, as a sample. This avoids the need for a biopsy, with its advantages.

niPGT-A uses the DNA released by the embryo into the media during its development, especially after day 4. This is due to various physiological mechanisms such as apoptosis and cellular necrosis. Using this simple procedure, the IVF laboratory collects the culture media before embryo vitrification on day 6 (blastocyst) and sends it to Bioarray for analysis. The results, which are available after 15 days, indicate which embryos should be prioritized for transfer.


- Less demanding with regards to materials (laser, pipettes, media, etc) and handling

- No (potentially) damaging intervention is needed from the embryo

- The sample is representative of the ICM, not only the trophectoderm


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Please contact us to learn about the protocol and how to validate your laboratory so you can offer niPGT-A with a full guarantee of reliability.