Prenatal Diagnosis

Prenatal Diagnosis

Applying Array CGH (molecular karyotype) in prenatal diagnosis is especially recommended in cases of polymalformed foetuses. It detects alterations in the number of DNA copies in patients with idiopathic mental retardation, autism and congenital alterations. It also defines whether the patient suffers from a disease or syndrome derived from the presence of deletions or amplifications in the defined regions (see attached list by clicking on the image below).

Cytoarray allows the detection of:

  • Aneuploidies.
  • More than 200 syndromes (a probe for every 3kb, 33 probes/gene).
  • 410 genes associated to autism, intellectual disability, congenital cardiopathies and eye diseases.
  • Subtelomeric bands (a probe for every 40kb)

In short, the array CGH (molecular karyotyping) is a powerful diagnostic tool that obtains more information than traditional methods in order to achieve a more precise diagnosis.

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