RNA-seq analysis services

Our RNA-seq analysis services make the best technology in the health science field available to you, guaranteeing an optimal and efficient result.

RNA-seq is a transcriptome tool of special use that permits, amongst others, next- generation sequencing of cDNA or ARN. This provides gene expression profiling of analysed organisms.

Stages of the study

Our assistance includes a complete consultancy of your project and support to guarantee that your results are efficiently delivered.

We will accompany you throughout all the stages, from the quality control study, preparation of the library and sequencing to data analysis and issuing the result.

Bioarray will provide a personalised solution, helping you to establish and carry out high quality bioinformatic analysis in controlled experiments of the transcriptome. All of this is based on the latest sequencing technologies by means of RNA-seq Ion Proton by Life Technologies

Personalisation, efficiency and service are our guarantee

The RNA-seq service at Bioarray ensures optimisation for each experiment with the aim of satisfying your objectives. We are aware of the effort and time that is needed to generate good quality RNA samples.

Our team of experts will provide advice on the baseline analysis and the bioinformatic tools required to reach successful and worthwhile results.

Our quality control guarantees your trust.

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