Bioarray provides the two types of Covid-19 tests:

PCR test for viral detection

  • With oropharyngeal sampling kit
  • 24/48 hrs turnaround time

Serologic test for IgG/IgM antibodies detection

  • With standard blood draw
  • 15 minutes turnaround time

Covid-19 tests

  • Diagnose your patients for Covid-19
  • Monitor Covid-19 status of your staff periodically
  • For gamete donors, add Covid-19 to your serological testing
  • Combine PCR+Antibody testing for a comprehensive evaluation

Serological Quantitative ELISA Test (IgG)

  • It is meant to quantify IgG after the patient has been infected or vaccinated. It detects the IgG anti receptor binding domain (RBD) of the Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2.
  • For quantification, a calibration line with known concentrations of antibodies is used as reference.
  • The obtained results are expressed in units: IgG/mL
  • It is recommended to carry out the test 15 days after receiving the 2nd vaccine dose for 15 days after the symptoms end.

COVID-19 PCR (British and South African variants) viral detection – Using oropharyngeal sampling kits

  • It rapidly detects the presence of the virus (viral RNA) in the organism after approximately the 2nd day after infection.
  • It covers the detection of the British and South African variants.
  • Results are obtained in 24/48 hours.