Epilepsy Sequencing Panels

Epilepsy Sequencing Panels

The genetics of epilepsy

Epilepsy can be caused by different and several causes: traumatisms, congenital brain alterations, metabolic disorders…but the genetic factor plays a decisive role in the development of the pathological condition. Around 40% of patients with epilepsy show an inherited genetic complex due to the combination of different implicated genes.

The genetic test is a very powerful tool in the clinical field in order to diagnose epilepsy. The results that are obtained usually shed light on the uncertainty of the pathological condition, helping the patient to make correct decisions about his/her health. Positive results allow confirmation of the diagnosis, improvement of the patient’s quality of life by selecting the most optimal therapy, as well as limiting unnecessary diagnostic procedures.

When is our genetics test requested?

  • For a molecular confirmation in a previous clinical diagnosis.
  • PTo facilitate making decisions when establishing the adequate treatment for the patient.
  • To carry out family tests to detect known and specific mutations, previously identified in any affected family member.

Bioarray offers an epilepsy genetic study by means of three panels: 15, 44 and 538 genes

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